Trouble making swaps with M-Safe MultiSig Wallet

Hi - I am trying to make a swap on Thala fi and Pancake Swap… using the Msafe multisig wallet.

I have more than 0.01 APT in the muliti sig address and in both the manager and member wallets, but it keeps giving me an error (“Transaction simulation failed.”)

Does anyone know why this might be? The gas should be far less than what i have in all 3 wallets so I am confused.


Didn’t used this wallet, sry


Yeah I heard from a dev friend you need to approve “50000” in order to proceed with the gas, but .1 APT should be enough in the wallet :+1: hope that helps


had a similar experience myself


noted - btw what are the major benefits of m-safe over something like gnosis safe for eth? I am def more familiar with that. Let me know so I can ease myself into it. :100:


Its pretty similar.

I’d say gnosis safe has a better brand recognition simply because the eth dev ecosystem/community is more established, but you can’t go wrong with m-safe bc they’ve been here since literally day 1 of aptos launch.


you need more gas for the multi sig txns. trust me lol.


Are you using Pontem? I just ran into this issue deploying my first smart contract (hooray)

Petra doesn’t give the same problem, but if you use Pontem… you need to click “Set Optimal Gas” on the tx confirmation screen. you’ll see by default fors ome reason it is an insane number like 0.12 APT or something.

if you click Set Optimal Gas, then it’ll set it to zero. so we have a problem where it starts too high, then goes too low. Goldilocks style.

so then input a number that is less than the amount of APT you have in your wallet, multiplied by 1 million

for example if you have 0.0035 in your wallet… input 3500.

weird solution, but it worked for me and i was able to get deployed. DM if you have any questions or continued trouble.