The First Token Scanner On Aptos: AptoScanner

The first Aptos-based token scanner for communities all over the Aptos Network brought to you by the Aptos Mascot, APTO!


1. Network Verification:

The bot confirms that ‘X Project’ is a part of the Aptos Network, ensuring you’re looking at a legitimate project on the right platform.

2. Trading Information:

It tells you where ‘X Project’ tokens can be traded or exchanged, like on Baptswap or Pancakeswap, helping you understand where to buy or sell them.

3. Financial Details:

Market Cap & Price: Learn the overall value of ‘X Project’ and the current price of its tokens.

Total Supply: Discover the total token supply of the project

Liquidity Info: Find out how much money is in the project’s pool, which shows how easy it would be to buy or sell the tokens.

4. Tokenomics:

Minting Status: Discover if more tokens can be created, which can affect their value.

LP & Supply Burnt: Learn if any liquidity pool tokens have been burned, which can show the project’s commitment to reducing supply.

Transaction Taxes: Know if there are any fees when you buy or sell the tokens.

5. Market Activity:

Get updates on how much the token is being traded and its recent price changes, giving you insight into the project’s current market status.

6. Contract Access:

The bot provides you all the information you need allowing for deeper research or interaction with the project.

7. Advertising Opportunity:

Projects on the Aptos Network can now advertise their tokens via this bot. This not only increases their visibility within the community but also generates revenue for Apto, funding further development and enhancements of the bot.

8. How does it work?

That’s all! Now you’re all set to start making informed trading decisions in the beautifull world of the Aptos Network!:globe_with_meridians::green_heart:

See you on-chain!


Apto The Mascot


DefyA superapp to manage all DeFi activities and get rewards with friends. EconiaHyper-parallelized On-chain Order Book for the Aptos Network Blockchain… Aptos forum is best


Defya superapp to manage all deFi activities and get rewards with friends . EconiaHyper-parallalized on chain order book for the aptos network blockchain…


The first Aptos-based token scanner for communities all over the Aptos Network brought to you by the Aptos Mascot, APTO!

Good website aptos based token scanner…


AptoScanner is the first token scanner on the Aptos blockchain, providing real-time insights and analytics for tokens, enhancing security and transparency.


First of its kind on APTOS. Kudos to the team behind this. It’s long overdue and right on time. This should serve its intended purpose and we’re here for it.

  • Flexible and simple Move language for custom smart contracts, security, and audit.
  • Modular design where changes are introduced to individual nodes.
  • Logical data model where resources cannot be discarded.
  • Concurrent execution of all key stages of the transaction.
  • Structured path to add s…, aptos good for us.
  • Aptos ecosystems is good

great, Aptos will be huge! buy & hold. I think APT will hit 100$ in this bull run, If you have APT, you can stake with APY 7-10%. Hold APT to buy your Lambo