Your favorite Aptos projects [ENG]

Hi :wave:
I would like to invite you to discuss your favorite projects on the Aptos network, projects that are yet to come out and will bring a lot to the ecosystem (in your opinion) and projects that already exist.

It’s nice if we used one template, I suggest this style:
Project name :
Project type:
Has it already started?
Your opinion:

Feel free to discuss by replying in the comments!


Project name : Pontem network
Project type: DEX, Wallet etc.
Has it already started? Yes
Your opinion:
Product updates are very fast, and the security of the product is strong. I consider them the number one project in the APTOS ecosystem.


I also really like Pontem, I’ve been following from the very beginning, they do a great job!


Project name : Thala Fi
Project type: DeFi, DEX stablecoin $MOD, Launchpad,
Has it already started? Yes
Your opinion: Project started a few months ago, it has great UX, $MOD is over-collateralized stablecoin with strong peg mechanism, I think it might gain more attention in the future. I didn’t participate in Thala token launchpool.


Project name : Aptomingos
Project type: NFT
Has it already started? Yes
Your opinion: One of the first NFT projects launched on Aptos last year and for sure the most successful regarding the volume and perks to be part of the community.


Project name : NetSepio
Project type: Public Goods
Has it already started? Yes
Your opinion: Project review platform and other web3 security services. Doing good for the community


Project name : Proud Lions Club
Project type: P2E Metaverse
Has it already started? Yes
Your opinion: A project that rewards holders for hodling!




BAPT is my favorite of all


Merkle Trade is my absolute favourite Dapp on Aptos because of the quick execution of trades, Thanks to aptos speed.


Project name: Baptswap
Project type: DEX
Has it already started? Yes!
Your opinion: Baptswap is a platform that aims to promote adoption and innovation in the token ecosystem on Aptos. Its unique features include being the first and only platform on Aptos that supports fee-on-transfer tokens, providing multiple reward opportunities for users, and offering scalable solutions for teams. These aspects make me love this project very much! :green_heart::wolf:


Project name: Mau_token
Project type: Meme
Has it already started? Yes
Your opinion: The main meme on Aptos. Original design and strong narrative. Competitor to all famous dogs. Solid roadmap, community humor/vibe and… stickers, tons of awesome original stickers. The Mau community can even communicate using just these stickers.
I see no reason why this meme won’t become top.
Think the Aptos team sees the same thing, which is why they gave them a grant.


Project name : MAU
Project type: More then MEM-TOKEN
Has it already started?: STARTED
**Your opinion: Mau is a life-changing project. Original character with easy-going vibes to become the best Mem-coin ever. I trully loved the idea since the first look. **


Project name: Mau_token
Project type:** Meme
Has it already started? Yes
Your opinion:
Mau is the first memecoin from Aptos and has been the first memecoin to receive it, and it will also soon be possible to stake it and the profits will be based on the volume and more things to come.


Project name : Baptswap
Project type: Dex
Has it already started? Very much so!
Your opinion: Looking forward in to the future of defi as well as crypto as a whole. Baptswap aims to bring adoption, greater functionality and scalability to a currently undervalued and under utilized chain. With this newest addition, APT will soon become a dominant blockchain with Baptswap being its main proprietor. A true supporter of Aptos venture in to an encompassing future is why I love this project!


Project name: $MAU
Project type: MEME
Has it started already?: Yes
Your opinion: MAU is the first ever feline meme with tokenomics launched on APTOS.
-Got a grant from layer-1 to support it’s vision
-supported by APTOS Team

Couldn’t find something more bullish than this :person_shrugging::black_cat::globe_with_meridians:


Project name : BaptSwap
Project type: DEX
Has it already started? OH, has it ever!

Your opinion: I believe BaptSwap is pioneering the way for the Aptos Network with being the first to offer fee-on-transfer tokens with scalability and speed like no other Layer-1 along with offering the most competitive transaction fee’s. BaptSwap is truly changing the space of Crypto as a whole and will soon take Aptos to the top where it belongs!


Project name: BAPTSWAP (By BAPTLABS)
Project type: DEX - First DEX on $APTOS Which supports fee-on-transfer tokens
Has it already started? Yes!
Your opinion: BAPTSWAP aims for more adoption and innovation in the token ecosystem on $APTOS. Tried the Platform the swap was instant & network fee is almost Zero. Thanks to $APTOS for providing us such fast & low fee Layer 1


Amnis Finance, Staking, really smooth and lucrative opportunity :moneybag:


понтем гем