Potential projects on aptos?

I would love to invest on some projects here…

What are the potential projects on APTOS chain?


What do you mean by potential projects?

There are several projects building on the Aptos Ecosystem. You can check them out here:

Similarly, other well known projects have decided to also build on Aptos, like Pancakeswap and Sushi Swap.

You can also check out Defi Llama on Aptos to get an idea of some of the trending DEXs on the chain.

You may also check out some of the tasks from the previous Galxe quests that have been launched to get a better idea of some of the projects in the ecosystem.

All in all, we always advice community members to do their own research before engaging with any Aptos Ecosystem projects.

Cheers and enjoy exploring the Aptos Ecosystem.


Certainly bother! within the realm of Aptos, there are a plethora of diverse options across various categories like: Launchpads ( Aptopad and Thala Launch) DeFi ( Amnis finance and BaptSwap ) Marketplaces ( Mercato and Wapal , bluemove ) … I hope that my comment has been helpful to you.:blush:


It sure is helpful to me brother.:blush:


Thanks a bunch boss


Maybe take a look at Thalafi and liquidswap. And also check out merkle trade. :smile:

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