Survey about Aptos Quest

The 4th quest from Aptos is currently underway. Summarizing this stage, I have a question for each of you

  • What difficulties did you have while completing ALL quests from Aptos?

  • Was it difficult for you to understand the conditions for completing these tasks?

  • Did you enjoy being active in these quests in general?

And maybe you have some suggestions that you would add or change something for a better user experience


The tasks combined quality, ease, and enjoyment, and were available to everyone. We cannot forget the wonderful team of Aptos, who were always available to help us solve any problem, especially Mr @Angel who stood by our side with love and care, not just him, but the entire team.


Yes, i also want to say a big thank you to Aptos team for providing us with detailed information, for hints and their calmness for all the questions they’ve got


to my point of view everything is really well created, maybe only the final validation via the Gform takes a bit too much time :kissing_heart:


the event was created with care and was properly structured, although it is odd that the team opted using manual review instead of automating
also they could’ve added more dapps during the event, but all in all it was better than most tasks in galxe

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I would have loved it if Aptos made it clearer that we needed to complete some trades on Cellana Finance in order to complete the 3rd Galxe task.

I was a HUGE challenge for many to complete the trades on Cellana Finance because you can’t trade on their platform if you live in the USA.


great mindset!

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they were super easy. only wish i could have done them all. maybe one week where a newer user could get them all completed. i can wish haha

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the claiming time could be improved, but the aptos team is doing the best they can - still grateful :pray:

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hmm, a little bit. The text was a bit lengthy, ideally they would seperate each single task with each single quest. Just my thoughts, take with a grain of salt… :+1: Otherwise all good.

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great mindset! fam!!!

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Good notice, i think next time the team will include it