Thala: something wrong with the vaults?

Hi everyone,
I haven’t contacted the Thala team right now but there seems to be something wrong with the display of the collateral ratio of the vaults.
On my dashboard it says: “collateral ratio: 129%”
When I enter my one and only vault, it says: “collateral ratio: 312%”
The second number appears to be more or less correct.
Am I the only one experiencing that?


Update: I contacted the THALA team and they answered before that post was published. Basically, I was staking tAPT in my vault and it appears that “the discrepancies in the vault collateral were due to tAPT high price instability.”
Conclusion: one can use tAPT as a collateral but only if one accepts a higher risk of liquidation.


Direct your message to the team boss


I did contact the support team and I suppose they will discuss it internally.


Let’s see what happens

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Good you contacted them and your problem solved.

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