Summary and Transcription of the Aptos Ascend Space with Mo Shaikh and Ryan Selkis

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Aptos Community, as you know, last week on May 1st, there was an X / Twitter Space hosted by Mo Shaikh, Aptos CEO and Ryan Selkis, Messari CEO, where they discussed the merits of the new Aptos Ascend and more. A short article about this was written by me with some sources where community members may read more about Aptos Ascend if they like.

I put together a summary of what was discussed in the space, along with a full transcription so that non-English speaking community members may be able to translate this into their own languages if they were not able to understand the recent Space. Transcriptions of spaces have been requested before by community members due to the global nature of the Aptos Community. The entire transcription is 15 pages long and it did not fit anywhere else besides on a Google document which is linked at the bottom of this article.

During the Twitter Space held on May 1st, key figures in the blockchain and finance industries, Mo Shaikh, CEO of Aptos, and Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari, discussed significant developments and strategic directions within the blockchain sector, particularly focusing on the Aptos Ascend initiative. Here is a summary of the main points discussed:

1. Background and Relationship:

  • Mo Shaikh and Ryan Selkis discussed their longstanding acquaintance since their early days in the blockchain space, highlighting their journey from the 2017 blockchain boom to their current roles in leading significant blockchain projects like Aptos and Messari.

2. Aptos Ascend Initiative:

  • Shaikh detailed the Aptos Ascend platform, a new initiative aimed at simplifying blockchain adoption for large-scale enterprises by offering enhanced asset management solutions and streamlined blockchain integration processes.

3. Strategic Partnerships:

  • The conversation also touched on key partnerships that Aptos has formed with major players such as Microsoft, SK Telecom, Brevan Howard, and Boston Consulting Group (considered one of the “Big Three” which are the world’s three largest management consulting firms by revenue) aiming to bolster the technical infrastructure and broaden the operational scope of blockchain technologies.

4. Implementation of Blockchain in Finance:

  • Shaikh provided insights into how blockchain technology is transforming traditional financial operations by reducing inefficiencies and enhancing transparency, particularly through tokenization of real estate and other assets, which was a focus of his early career.

5. Security and Compliance:

  • A significant portion of the discussion revolved around how Aptos Ascend addresses security and regulatory compliance, key concerns for enterprises looking to adopt blockchain technology. The platform’s design allows for the destruction and reissuance of tokens, a crucial feature for maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring asset security.

6. Future Vision and Impact:

  • The dialogue concluded with thoughts on the future of blockchain technology in mainstream financial operations and its potential to reshape financial landscapes by providing more democratic access to financial products and enhancing the overall efficiency of financial services.


Overall, the Twitter Space provided valuable insights into the strategic developments at Aptos, particularly focusing on how Aptos Ascend is set to influence the broader blockchain and financial industries by facilitating easier adoption and integration of blockchain technologies in traditional business operations.

Anyone that is interested can check out the entire transcription in this Google document here as it was too long to post anywhere in its entirety besides in a Google doc.


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