Recent X Spaces About Aptos

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There is no shortage of Twitter / X Spaces about Aptos. If you missed some of the spaces this past week, you can listen into some of the recent Spaces that have been recorded about Aptos, Ecosystem projects and the Move language.

Last night, one of the Aptos Collective members @Sneezy hosted his first recorded Aptos After Dark Space on X where @greg, Founding Engineer at Aptos, made an appearance and discussed different things like learning to program Move on Aptos, NFT collections and more. Great times were had by all and Sneezy will be recording an episode of Aptos After Dark every Monday from now on, so make sure to tune in. You never know what stars from the Aptos Labs or Aptos Foundation will pop in to say hello along with Ecosystem projects. This one should be a good Space to watch as it evolves and grows.

A Space about Movement Labs, Sui and Aptos :arrow_down_small:

Listen in on this Space that discussed Gaming on Aptos hosted by SpooksLabs :arrow_down_small:

Last week, Wapal had a Space about going from Base to Aptos, as well as discussing other aspects of Aptos and the blockchain space in general :arrow_down_small:

Make sure to tune in Wednesday of this week for Wapal’s Wednesday :arrow_down_small:

Also make sure to tune into Aptos After Dark on Wednesday, an unrecorded space once again hosted by @Sneezy, Aptos Collective member :arrow_down_small:


We’re consistently engaged with Aptos in X Spaces [ ] to keep up with the latest developments, thank you for sharing this news with us.


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