Regarding Forum Spam

Good day forum members:

Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed that there are a handful of users on this forum that have been posting spam comments, irrelevant topics (discussing the Aptos town or the Aptos retail company, both of which have nothing to do with the Aptos Layer 1 blockchain that this forum is about), short and simplistic topics, topics which are in effect “carrying on the discussion” from other topics or categories which don’t need another thread made for them and even copying and pasting the content of another online publication word for word without attributing the source. All of this is spam and irrelevant content. Some of you have had several posts rejected due to the low quality of them, and it would be hoped that this would have been an incentive for you to understand what should be posted and not posted.

Please carefully read the pinned post on the forum regarding the encouraging of high quality contributions on the Aptos forum.

I have also noticed some of you think that posting here is some sort of work which will be rewarded perhaps by an air-drop later. The posting in this forum is for posting about Aptos and everything related to this blockchain, for the sake of education and discussion. Posting here is not meant to qualify anyone for any air-drops, so please keep that in mind.

Going forward, please avoid posting comments or making topics about what I mentioned above, namely:

Avoid copying and pasting each other’s comments on a post. This is spam.

Avoid copying and posting topics that someone else has made. This is spam.

Avoid making topics that are irrelevant to Aptos, such as posting about the Aptos town in California and how amazing its beaches are, or posting about the Aptos retail company and how it is affecting business world wide. These don’t have anything to do with Aptos the Layer 1 blockchain. This is spam and irrelevant.

Avoid flagging posts from Ecosystem projects that shouldn’t be flagged. Some of you have done this by flagging posts from ecosystem projects here as inappropriate. We want to encourage ecosystem projects to come here and share about what they are working on and flagging these posts is counter productive to what the forum is trying to achieve.

Avoid copying and pasting articles from other publications online and passing them off as your own. This is often not allowed as per copyright of the article’s original author and so it is bad faith to pass it off as your own and then on top of that, post it with messy formatting and no sourcing.

If English is an issue and you have problems writing in it or reading it, please post in your own regional channel in your own native language. If you don’t understand English well and there are other regions depending on where you are from. (Regional - Aptos Forum)

We will continue to monitor the forum to make sure there is quality content being produced and that these guidelines are followed in order to ensure that the forum is filled with useful user content that results in useful discussions for the community.

Thank you for being part of the Aptos Community, please make sure you read and re-read this post to fully understand it. If you feel these guidelines are not for you, then please feel free to post elsewhere.


Fully agree with you, some comments were realy irrelevant no matter which information was given in the topic


It is great that there are community members here posting and commenting. However, what happened in the previous forum was happening in this one, where off topic posts and spam comments were being posted. Its important to make sure the quality of the posts are good and that users aren’t taking advantage of the forum. There’s other platforms where posting can be done as well, like Twitter/X, Reddit, and others. Those platforms tend to have different rules than the forum so more is allowed. On Twitter/X, anyone can post about Aptos, so I encourage users to post there if they want to write about Aptos and they find the rules here a bit much, such as the character limit for topics and comments.

Cheers and have a great day/night.


I completely agree with that… Being a aptos community member i am always with aptos rules and guideline…


This is absolutely great idea implemented…it truly really necessary for the growth of the forum and of course Aptos Blockchain L1 and as well ecosystem should be paramount and main discussion

Thanks for this team Aptos :rocket:


Thank you mod, with this detailed analysis and thread on why some of our post are been spammed,I can say that many of us are now cleared and have seen the reason behind the spam,your idea to make it so ain’t wrong cause most post are irrelevant as you said and this is the only solution to stopping such post.


This post is much needed and timely. Thanks for your efforts in monitoring and moderating content on the forum.


It’s great to see there’s alot of newcomers who are eager to partake in the Aptos Community culture but we need to keep it at the most relevant topics and timing aswell as providing citations and sources for correct information regarding the posts and/or comments. Let’s keep this up as high quality only!


Totally agree - I didn’t want to be the one to call it out. I was seeing more and more of spam comments which were not adding to the conversation. I think policing the forum will encourage more organic activity and give the community more clarity of what is going on at Aptos. Good work :+1:


Main reason why i stopped frequenting the forum. Felt like it was just a bunch of bots on here with monotonous generic replies. I’m glad it’s starting to be addressed. Bullish on the future of this space!


Well actually, I would not at all say that most posts are irrelevant like you said. Not at all. Most of the posts are great as well as the comments. This was just about a handful of users on the forum posting like this. There are 5000 to 50000 users on the forum and more than this sometimes, and there were maybe 5 to 10 accounts which were doing this sort of spam posting. Therefore, this amounts to 0.1% or 0.01% of the users on the forum which were making such spam posts. The majority of the forum, around 99.9% of users or 99.999% of users are making good posts and comments as far as I can see for the time being. The Aptos Foundation forum continues to be a great place to discuss all things Aptos with the community around the world that is interested in the project.

Have a great weekend :palm_tree:


Angel bringing the heat lol. :fire:

In all seriousness though, I’m happy this forum is being cleaned up. It should be a space for real conversation. The last thing you want is a bunch of bots spamming.

We have enough of that in discord chats, especially after a "failed (you know what… :parachute:) ". :laughing: :laughing:

Just reminding folks about some of the guidelines of the forum. Not sure what you mean by "failed :parachute: "