New Development Documentation Is Now Live!

The Aptos development documentation has now been totally revamped and changed. It was in the process of being changed when the post below was made on the forum but now it has been completely updated and improved with features such as better navigation. ability to query account transactions and token balances within the docs via the Indexer GraphQL Playground feature, a more expanded section on smart contracts and the different components of them on Aptos, and more.

Check out some of the posts and threads below from Aptos engineers about the new development documentation at Aptos Developer Documentation | Aptos Docs (en).

Make sure to follow these accounts on X for the latest when it comes to development news and updates on Aptos.


sounds very good, a lot of work has been done. Thanks for sharing this with us.
I agree with you, amazing work was done :star_struck:
I think there are good times ahead for @APTOS


Good one … good information… thanks for your kind information about aptos ecosystem…