Aptos All Access Twitter Space Recap June 26, 2024

:loudspeaker: #AptosAllAccess Twitter Space Recap - June 26, 2024


We had an exhilarating session yesterday with significant updates across the Aptos Ecosystem! Here are the highlights:

New Developer Documentation & SDK Features: Greg Nazario from Aptos Labs introduced our new documentation site and API experience, featuring predetermined queries and autocompletes on the indexer page. The Go SDK is ready for feedback!

Aptos Portfolio Tracking: Matias from Asset Dash launched a new portfolio tracking feature available on both web and mobile, receiving positive community feedback.

Panora & Petra Wallet Integration: Panora Exchange announced the integration of their swap with Petra Wallet, offering new capabilities to the community. SDKs and APIs are available for integration.

Future Plans for Panora: Panora’s future includes new partnerships and leaderboard stats for tracking rewards.

Updates on NFT Platforms: Denoshi from Mavrik introduced Sparks (NFT lending), Frank’s (customizable NFTs), and Bullseye (creator amplification).

NFT Borrow Platform: Discussion on the Sparks peer-to-peer NFT borrow platform, highlighting benefits like earning APY and providing liquidity.

Spooks Community Initiatives: Baba from Spooks emphasized community support and intentional development choices. He also discussed the new decentralized social media platform on Aptos, Kade.

Zion Gambling Platform: Zach from Aptos Labs explained Zion Bets crash game-style gambling platform, using on-chain randomness for transparency and reliability.

Upcoming Events: Exciting details about the Aptos experience in Korea, IVS Crypto in Kyoto, and the Code Collision hackathon.

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Aptos’ community spirit shines through its calendar of events, from farmers markets to festivals celebrating local culture and cuisine. Visitors often find themselves welcomed warmly by residents who are proud to share their piece of paradise


Join us for an immersive journey into the heart and soul of Web3. We won’t just tell you about what the community is building—we’ll show you…Good information


In the realm where code meets dreams,
Aptos rises, or so it seems,
Forged from Diem’s noble quest,
A blockchain born to be the best.

From Meta’s vision, it took flight,
In quest for speed and scaling height,
Move-based language, pure and strong,
In Aptos, it found its song.

Validators stake their claim,
Proof-of-stake, the name of the game,
Byzantine fault tolerance they embrace,
In this ledger’s rapid pace.

Parallel execution, bold,
Throughput high, the future foretold,
With each block, new hope unfurls,
Aptos chain, a string of pearls.

Communities grow, in numbers swell,
On Twitter, Reddit, tales they tell,
From NFTs to DeFi’s art,
Aptos plays a central part.

Investors keen, they see the light,
Andreessen, Binance, join the flight,
In grants and funds, the growth is sown,
The Aptos seed is widely known.

In partnerships with giants made,
Microsoft, their plans conveyed,
Azure’s AI blends with chain,
Aptos, ready to sustain.


Our research and development is focused on creating products and applications for the aptos blockchain that redefine the user experience and accelerate…


I guess AssetDash is the closest we can get to a DeBank style app on Aptos? I really think DeBank has nailed the portfolio management setup. Just wish they supported more chains.


There are a few options besides Asset Dash but they aren’t exactly like DeBank.


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Aptos rises, or so it seems,
Forged from Diem’s noble quest,
A blockchain born to be the best.

From Meta’s vision, it took flight,
In quest for speed and scaling height,
Move-based language, pure and strong,…

Right your cort bro…:100:


The Aptos community is the Best