Galxe Problems

Why does Galxe have such a broken website? There are always problems when making OAT claims. I think Aptos should open a site like Galxe does.

I’m waiting for your comments.


Some users have had issues with Galxe but some have been able to claim ok after their form was verified. As written by some of the CMs like Nese, Ahmed and others, here are some of the most asked questions along with some troubleshooting steps:

1-Do I have to complete all the tasks to finish Quest 3?
No. You will need to complete a minimum of TWO TASKS in order to mint this week’s OAT.

2-Do I have to use all the marketplaces in the tasks?
No, using one marketplace from each task is sufficient.

3-Is the free mint really free?
While minting a free mint at Mercato, you need to pay a gas fee and a charge fee. If you prefer, you can mint Wapal’s free mint collection, which will be completely free; you’ll only pay the gas fee.

Wapal’s mint: Leading NFT Launchpad on Aptos - Wapal

Mercato’s mint: Commemorative Mercato NFTs | Mercato | Aptos NFT Marketplace & Aggregator

4-I can’t see the on-chain tasks.
You can access the list of on-chain tasks by clicking “view more” on the campaign page.

5- I am having trouble with verifying tasks on Twitter. What can I do?
Here are the steps you can follow: ⁠🆘・support⁠

6-Will the transactions I’ve already done count?
You must complete the transactions from the start of the campaign.

7-What are the campaign dates?
2024/01/24 11:00 - 2024/02/07 11:00 GMT+03:00

8-What is a Google Form? Where can I find it?
Please remember to fill out the Google form. You can click on the details in the first task to access the form. Important: The Aptos wallet address submitted must match that which you used to complete the on-chain tasks. Furthermore, this wallet must match the one associated with your Galxe account. Failure to do so will mean you will be unable to claim your OAT.

9-When will my tasks be verified?
If all the tasks have been properly completed, it will still take several days for your account to appear as eligible to claim the OAT.

Some troubleshooting steps:

If you’re facing an issue verifying your Twitter tasks, please note that the Galxe team is working on fixing it. However, you can try an alternative method as well if you don’t want to wait. Please try the following steps:

1, Switch your network in Galxe to Ethereum.
2. Connect your Metamask wallet.
3. Once connected, verify your Twitter tasks. This should resolve any errors and successfully verify them.
4. Switch back to the Aptos network again.
5. Connect your Petra wallet to the Galxe website. This time, you should see the verified Twitter tasks, and the error will disappear.

Note: If you switch to Metamask, complete the tasks, and then connect your Petra wallet but still see incomplete tasks, it’s possible you’ve created two separate Galxe IDs instead of linking your accounts. To fix this:

  1. Go to Settings in Galxe.
  2. Make sure both your Metamask and Aptos wallet addresses are added.
  3. If you don’t see one or both addresses, add them and follow the steps above.

I haven’t experienced issues with Galxe specific to the Aptos quests.


Initially I had issues trying to validate my social tasks of week 3 aptos task on galxe even before aptos validation of the onchain nfts tasks… but i posted it here and followed recommendations of the moderator to claim first on an evm login and then relogin with aptos wallet.
It worked just fine and some hours later…my nft hardwork got validated.

NB my initial issues were rpc node related errors.


The claiming is just something else

Thanks for this information


You can use your evm account for verifying your tweets after that you can claim your badge with connecting aptos wallet which i did like this :slight_smile:


sorry about that. faced similar issues, then saw someones comment to ensure my ethereum wallet is connected and the aptos wallet added to it to ensure tasks work.