Aptos Türkiye x Avex Defy AMA Transcript

Hello everyone! We are excited to share the full transcript of the AMA session we hosted on Telegram yesterday. AMA, hosted by Aptos Türkiye’s Community Manager @skiedlair and featuring Maharsi Patel, Founder of Avex Defy, covered many topics of interest to our community.

Dilek: What is Avex Defy and how do you define it? Could you briefly describe it as an introduction?

Maharsi: Defy is a crypto super app that allows you to trade, invest and involve in any defi activities along with your friends and get rewarded for it.

It is your gateway to Aptos, as it enables you to experience the best of defi in Aptos in one single place.

You can think of Defy as a decentralized version of Binance/Coinbase.

Imagine able to trade NFTs without going to Wapal.
Staking APT without going to Amnis
Trading without going to Merkle trade.
and all such activities along with friends in a fun and rewarding way.

Dilek: What road has Avex followed so far and what road will it follow? Can you briefly explain it with your products such as Avex ID?

Maharsi: I was introduced to the foreign exchange and crypto space since 2016. And since then I had noticed a few trends:

  • 90% of the crypto volume was traded in centralized exchanges(Binance)
  • Most people always prioritize convenience, rather than privacy.
  • Most central banks and huge IT institutions were brainwashing the people in an illegal manner.

We founded Avex Defy along with my friends during the last summer break at our college. Our goal was to accelerate the adoption of decentralized economy and online privacy while providing the best user experience possible.

Avex ID is a privacy maintained, reusable online identity which can be used across multiple platforms.
It can be thought of a decentralized cloud and login (joe@email.com (or) joe.avex in our case)
(Ex - You can login with it in multiple apps and also you can verify your KYC in one app and the same proof can be used everywhere else, without having to go through the process multiple times).

Dilek: Why did you choose Aptos? What advantages does Aptos provide when building your products?

Maharsi: Its actually really hard to replicate Defy and Avex ID on blockchains other than Aptos.

Finance apps like Defy demand a very good user experience while maintaining the users privacy and security. The Aptos infrastructure and Move language is built as such which makes it possible to execute thousands of transactions per second while providing the maximum security.

Avex ID on the other hand tries to make maximum benefit from Aptos Keyless which enables login and sign-up using the traditional web2 services in a privacy maintained way. Avex ID utilizes the concepts of Aptos Keyless and enables reusable identity infrastructure.

We see Aptos as the best place to build the future internet and I would suggest new developers to get started with Move compared to other languages.

Dilek: Could you please explain your waitlist campaign? How does the community participate in it and benefit from it?

Maharsi: Our waitlist campaign is a gamified one where the best ones can get amazing rewards like - Early Access to the Defy app, Defy Insiders NFT, and other amazing prizes.

The campaign is simple -

  1. Earn Defy coins by playing games and completing quests.
  2. These coins can be used to buy chests. These coins also has several use-cases in the Defy app.
  3. These chest gives you a guaranteed Defy Insiders NFT.
  4. The Defy Insiders NFT has several benefits like, early access to app, faster level ups, free gasless transactions, discounts on trading fees and more.

More details can be found at The Defy Insiders. Be a Part of Revolution. | Medium

Dilek: What are your future plans? What’s in store for your community?

Maharsi: Currently we are building the mobile app and the collection of the Defy Insiders which would both launch a month from now.

Community is at the heart of Defy. One of the main reasons, we are building Defy is to make it simple for the community to access defi products in a seamless way. We encourage the community to interact with us and give their feedbacks to we can constantly improve and make good things together.

Also, Defy Insiders Collection is a way to identify the most active and loyal users in the community and provide them with life-long benefits within the Defy App.

Dilek: Is there anything you would like to add?

Maharsi: Yes definitely, I wanted you all to know that:
At Defy, we envision a world where no single entity has control over the economy. A future, where everyone from any part of the world is able to take part in the economy and has their say in it. This might require us to go against the current centralized financial institutions. The very institutions that have caused billions of dollars losses in users funds and are pulling us back.

If you think you are crazy enough to make a change and question the status quo, I would like you to join us and together make the world a better place and push the human race forward.


I received an email referring to APTOS Teams Reward News via Smartsheet

I didn’t connect my wallet because I know nothing about the email I received. I’m hoping someone can tell me whether this email is legit or not…?? PLEASE


Hello, this is scam sir. There are no rewards or airdrops.

Be careful please and do not interact!

And kindly dm me their e-mail so i can report.


Hi any Email you received if is not from APTOS team please ignore it,wait for official announcement from APTOS team


in my opinion, The waitlist by Defy was a massive success.
counting on the team to execute it exactly as Maharishi as mentioned in the AMA or hopefully even better

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Damn sounds interesting, by when will it be available for beta testing?

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Will it be only limited to Aptos ? or are they planning to expand


Hey Nilavo.

Yes the waitlist can be a lot better, we have new announcements coming soon.

Haha, also my spelling is “Maharsi”.


Early access will start by end of next month.

To get an early access, you need to hold the Diamond Defy Insider.

You can get it at waitlist.avex.id

Please let me know if you need help with anything around the waitlist.

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We will stick to Aptos.

Most of the things we do is only possible here.

I am also in love with the people here :heart_hands:

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Hello maharsipatel you are highly welcome to the community APTOS, you are advised to do what we are doing i forum read,like and comment