APTOS Teams Reward News via Smartsheet ..... what is this email?

today i received an email reffering to APTOS Teams Reward News via Smartsheet

I didn’t connect my wallet because i know nothing about the email i received. I’m hoping someone can tell me whether this email is legit or not???

this is the email:

Brace yourself for an exciting thrill! Your early investment in the Aptos token has been the catalyst for our remarkable progress! To thank you for your consistent support, we are delighted to reveal something extraordinary - an exclusive reward event on the ERC-20 network!

I can’t tell if this is legit or not???

I appreciate the assist community!


this is obviously a scam. Since when does Aptos wants to do anything related on the Ethereum blockchain? Also, you must take into consideration the email address that sent you this email - does it even from Aptos Foundation or Aptos Labs. Highly unlikely!

The moderators at Aptos Forum also said multiple times that you should be aware of scams, and there are no rewards or stimmy programs for the moment.

Overall there is something seriously wrong with you asking the question of whether this is legitimate or not, as it is obviously NOT.


I have already posted about this on the forum. Please check the forum before posting to make sure the topic hasn’t been posted about before.


Obviously a scam. Thanks for noticing. Some of these comments are spam. Will keep an eye on those making spam comments that don’t contribute anything to the conversation.


ahhh so there was a post! thank you for pulling me up on this!!!


Thanx Lexium for the insight! What you mentioned was right on point!


this is the resone some post are automatic deleted .next time be care full bro @anantabiswas2424