Aptos Indonesia Offline Meet Up - Iftar Gathering in Padang (West Sumatra)

20th of March 2024, Padang (West Sumatra), Indonesia

Marhaban ya Ramadhan.

Aptos Indonesia had the opportunity to hold an offline meet up in Padang (West Sumatra). This event felt very special because it was held in the month of Ramadan, and we took advantage of this moment while breaking the fast together. While enjoying sacred moments, we also share things and joy between fellow Indonesian Aptosians.

This event was attended by almost thirty Indonesian Aptosians in Padang which was quite surprising given the number of Aptos fans participating in Padang City. This activity began with welcoming remarks from me (Xerafino) as the Aptos representative for the Indonesian region. Followed by getting to know each other between Indonesian Aptosians who have only communicated online, and finally being able to meet face to face & chat directly through this event.

It is hoped that this rare moment can strengthen the ties of brotherhood and solidarity as fellow Aptos fans. This Iftar Gathering meet-up became even more interesting with the activity of breaking the fast ‘together’ with dishes provided for the participants starting with a series of takjil, appetizers and fresh drinks to complete the atmosphere of breaking the fast.

Considering the atmosphere of Ramadan, we also have the opportunity to collect donations which will be distributed to orphanages in Padang City. The distribution schedule for this donation is at the beginning of April 2024. We hope that this little help from Aptosian Indonesia can help and create joy for our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Thank you to the participants who took the time to attend the Ramadhan Iftar offline-meet-up event in Padang. Hopefully we can meet again at a similar event another time.

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Kerp at it, don’t f up now❤️


Nice one thanks God will accept it as art of worship


keep going frens! :blush: :sunglasses:


Keep it up lad


Ramadan kareem :100: