Aptos India's Monthly Community AMA

Hey there, wonderful members of our community! This Thursday at 8:30 PM IST, we’re hosting a ‘Casual Talks AMA’ - and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

We aim to connect with you in a fun and relaxed way and have some awesome discussions around the Ambassador program, regional community events, ecosystem projects (NFTs, Meme, Gaming, RWA DeFi etc), and much more. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and ideas.

So do join us - your presence will make our AMA even more awesome! See you at


good info thanks bro


Thanks for the information buddy.


Thank you, sir. It will be a great opportunity for communication and exchanging ideas in a fun and relaxed manner with community members.


APTOS to the moon

Look forward to this! I am not in india myself but have spent some time there and it makes sense that the culture would embrace something like Aptos. so much focus on community… in both communities :slight_smile: i hope lots of people join and are able to experience this as well.

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Thanks for the info mate

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