Aptos 2024 Recap!

Aptos has shown significant growth and development in 2024. The following report highlights key metrics and comparisons to the previous year, showcasing Aptos expanding ecosystem and increasing user engagement.

Key Metrics for 2024:

Total Transactions: 560 million
Growth: The number of transactions has seen a substantial increase from 300 million in 2023, indicating heightened activity on the network.
Active Users

Total Active Users: 6 million
Comparison: The number of active users has remained stable, matching the count from 2023. This suggests a steady user base maintaining regular interaction with the platform.
Staked APT

Total Staked: 850 million APT
Growth: There has been a 2.4% increase in the amount of APT staked compared to 2023, reflecting growing confidence and investment in the platform’s governance and security mechanisms.
Total Value Locked (TVL)

Current TVL: $400 million
Growth: TVL has surged by 236% from the previous year, a significant indicator of the increased capital inflow and utilization within the Aptos ecosystem.
NFT Sales

Total Sales: 2.3 million
Growth: NFT sales have nearly tripled, rising from 800,000 in 2023. This demonstrates a burgeoning interest in digital collectibles and the platform’s ability to support this market.
Smart Contracts

Total Contracts Deployed: 2,500
Growth: The number of smart contracts has increased by 25% over the year, highlighting ongoing development and innovation within the platform.
Aptos has made notable strides in 2024, with several metrics showing strong growth:

Aptos has demonstrated robust growth in multiple areas, particularly in transactional activity, staked value, and the NFT market. These developments underscore the platform’s increasing maturity and the growing confidence of its users.

The data points to a dynamic and expanding ecosystem that is gaining momentum in the blockchain space, positioning Aptos as a significant player moving forward.

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