A world of unlimited Fantasy NFT’s?

“No promise and overdeliver is the key to success of any NFT project.”

:one: Name

Faerune World

:two: Description.

Faerune is a Fantasy World with pretty creatures.
These creatures are Collectibles (NFTs) that you can Collect, Hold or Trade.
We connect people with love for Fantasy genre and run a community filled with rewards.

The goal of Faerune is simple - Keep on creating collections - mostly free-mints - and expand to many chains - expanding the brand and creating new opportunities.

:three: Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

Faerune has it’s base collections on Faerune - “The Celestial Beings” which consists of Celestials (women), Celestians (men), Celestines (kids - which are not released yet)

Expanding multi-chain means that people interested in the project will check it’s roots and this can bring new users to Aptos Ecosystem. This isn’t the only advantage. Faerune is an entertainment project. We create art, enjoy collecting it, share it between our friends, bring in new ideas and expand the realm.

:four: Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline

We’ve succesfully sold out two collections - Celestials & Celestians.

Next is Celestines - Which will be delivered in January 2024 through wapal and only mintable with $CLST token which is native staking token for previous 2 collections.

After that we’re in the makings of Soulify.xyz which is a collection for solana, which all Faerune users are white-listed. Soulify is a simple project with the idea of “selling your soul” to virtual demon called Corelle. Corelle will has it’s goal of “enslaving” people to get them to “work” - a.k.a we’re developing raid-to-earn, burn-to-earn, and many others “somethinng”-to-earn techniques to reward people who are working for Corelle. There will be a lot of quests pointing people to Aptos and discovering it’s perks.

:five: Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

Petriky - Founder

  • I’m an web3 Artist and Animator for more than a year now. I’ve been working for many blue-chip projects of Aptos like Aptos Monkeys, Bruh Bears, Pontem Network, Mavriks and more. I’m happy to connect with talented people and build sexy stuff together.

I’ve been working on many NFT collections and my goal is to keep on growing, provide beautiful art and entertain people with my work. Making you smile, feel good owning my artworks and enjoying it’s story - is my purpose.

Here’s a link to my portfolio, where u can find all my crimes: https://petriky.art

I’ve recently invited Credo9 as part of my team, who’s Celestian holder, advisor and executioner of different tasks related to expansion of the project and it’s future.

:six: Key Risks & Challenges

One of the main challenge for us, is to make people interested in Art and Story more than trading and gaining profits. To bring people the vibe of collecting art, engaging in community events and connecting with people with similar interests.

I want to expand Faerune. Make it known on many chains, give people beautiful art to collect and also bring rewards to the true holders and believers. It’s my service and my passion at the same time.

If you like this idea, go ahead and follow us on x!


P.S - We’re also having a small event of making free banners for those who wear any Celestians / Celestials! - Check these out <3


Great community, you should check it out! :ok_hand:


I heard about them awhile back but, they went low key, lets see what they bring to the table.


Thanks for taking out time to piece this together


Great piece you got there


Dope art :fire::fire:


Nicely written up :ok_hand: will check more out cuz of this post.


The post has some typos and mistakes, as i posted this long time ago and it was accepted just 3 days ago haha… <3


Dope art , great Founder


Faerun’s NFT collections on the Aptos blockchain is a magical journey into a world of fantasy and wonder, capturing the imagination like never before!


Looks like they’re doing great!


My favorite NFT collection :blush:


yeah join us! :fire::fire::fire: No promise and overdeliver

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amen! this was a great topic headline btw, made me click immediately.

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Well done mate, Glad to have creatives in this space.

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