NFT Mania by Aptos India!

The Aptos NFT Season is HERE! :framed_picture: :tada:

Aptos India presents a golden opportunity to mint exclusive collections from 12 NFT projects from the Aptos ecosystem.

Participate in the Galxe campaign at: NFT Mania by Aptos India! by Aptos | Galxe

Submit the form for whitelisting at: NFT Mania by Aptos India

Rewards from the Aptos Ecosystem’s NFT Projects:
:city_sunrise: Undying City: 10 Free Mints
:alien: iAliens: 5 Free Mints & 10 WL spots
:blossom: Ice Blue: 10 Free Mints
:dancer: Aptos Girls: 10 Free Mints
:family_man_woman_girl: NetzFamily: 10 NetzCuty & 10 NetzJoy Free NFTs
:sparkles: Celestines: 10 Free NFTs & 20 $CLST
:frog: FROGTOS: 20 WL spots
:globe_with_meridians: SShift DAO: Qribble 5 Free NFTs
:koala: RelocatedKoalas: 25 WL spots
:microbe: Aptos Creatus: 10 Free Mints & 20 WL spots
:rabbit: Aptos Bunnies: 20 WL spots

Don’t miss out on your chance to win hundreds of Free NFTs and WL spots! :heart:


Thanks for sharing

Great opportunity

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