What to read this week on Aptos

1, Beyond Technical Excellence to a New Era of Ecosystem Expansion Comprehensive overview report conducted byDeSpread team to help users understand Aptos, its technical advantages, and the notable development of the ecosystem.

2, $mUSD— the yield-bearing stablecoin at the center of Mirage Protocol
The article focuses on introducing mUSD - the synthetic stablecoin at the core of Mirage and aims to be a cornerstone within both the protocol and the greater Aptos ecosystem.

3, State of Aptos Q4 2023

A free quarterly report from Messari that covers what was the most significant initiatives & milestones, key metrics of Aptos Network.

:point_right: https://messari.io/report/state-of-aptos-q4-2023

4, Aptos thesis - the doodoo chain with doodoo coins.


5, The list from Adam - Cofounder of Thala Labs on what our community could take notice from Aptos ecosystem development this year.


the fact Messari is issuing specific reports for Aptos is a great sign! i know of Ryan and the messari team, they have a great rep, but i didnt realize they’re doing Messari reports.


Thanks for this great update