The latest updates from Petra Wallet

Thanks for the update mate

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Really love petra, especially the mobile wallet, the one feature I’d love is biometric signing, would make my mobile experience much simpler

only wallet I need. but i agree biometric signing would be a step up.

Nicw move and improvements are welcome!

Aptos changing the scope of the crypto space :rocket:

awesome information

awesome! the only wallet i need on aptos. love the NFT gallery view they pioneered! :smiley:

didn’t realize Petra could get better :slight_smile:

thank you! i use Petra for everything and this is nice to have. followed Brent on X tahnks to this post :slight_smile:

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the NFT gallery built-in is THE COOLEST :sunglasses: thing. every single wallet should have this (obviously Petra came up with it first though)

Nice one thanks for the update

awesome information

Thanks for update

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