Renegades: Pioneering Liquid NFTs on Aptos?

With the spark from the new ERC-404 narrative on the horizon, some will definitely try to ride the narrative to gain traction and publicity.

One of which is Renegades (, who claims they will innovate and be the first semi-fungible token on Aptos using the Aptos FungibleAsset Standard.

A quick scroll through their Twitter feed reveals just a couple of teasers, but the profiles they’ve got following them is telling. You’ve got the likes of oxrome_, the Aptos APAC SPOC, and the brains behind Aptomingos and Shrimp Token, fischermingo and Flippymingo, in the mix. Not to mention @aptos_ind, representing the official Indian Aptos community. It is also being followed by a bunch of Aptos Community Manager profiles (not sure if this is relevant).


And if a retweet from the official Aptos Twitter handle isn’t a sign of things heating up, I don’t know what is:

Notice the 420 likes? :face_in_clouds::dash:

Sure, there’s no official website or Discord server yet, but Renegades’ Twitter game is raising some eyebrows, even if they’re still shrouded in a bit of mystery.

Keep an eye on this one folks, but remember, it’s always smart to approach any NFT project with a dose of caution until they really prove themselves.

Read more about ERC-404 here:


hi what exactly isa liquid NFT? sounds super cool but i am unfamiliar. do you have a tutorial or article somewhere? maybe an X thread?


Hi fren! @neoytseditor

You can read about ERC-404 here (Aptos FungibleAsset Standard counterpart in EVM, the one that started it all): What Is ERC-404 Token Standard on Ethereum? | KuCoin Learn

Basically, it allows you to turn an NFT into a fungible divisible liquid token that can be easily sold based on, usually, the NFT floor price.

A good example is the libertas omnibus NFT in zkSync, I wrapped my libertas omnibus using the 404 wrapper in Syncswap, which allowed me to sell my libertas omnibus like a token. I even used my libertas token for gas fees through the paymaster function in zkSync a couple of times :grin:

Here’s a screenshot showing Libertas Omnibus wrapped into a liquid ERC-404 token, which now currently sells for the USDT amount shown:


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looks promising, wen roadmap tho


yeah wen, hope their x profile would post some more to get engagement going

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