Randomness enabled now on Aptos!

Aptos has introduced a secure and instant on-chain randomness API on its mainnet. This new feature allows developers to obtain random integers instantly by invoking a function, eliminating the need to wait for the next block or commit ahead of time to future randomness.
Read more about it on this blog post: Roll with Move: Secure, instant randomness on Aptos | by Aptos Labs | Medium

Also catch the X post here:


Great :+1: thanks for the information . Aptos keep expanding, things we love to see by the community.

Aptos is a great, unique and amazing project.

So cool to be among this awesome project.


Thanks for this great update mate this is why APTOS is the best community so far , where experience is been shared for the betterment of the colleagues


This news confirms my belief that Aptos will be a strong competitor to Ethereum. I certainly plan to buy more tokens in the near future.The very first secure and instant on-chain randomness API is now live on Aptos Mainnet — as simple as invoking a function for getting a random integer :game_die:


That’s indeed great news :game_die:. Thx for announcing. Def gonna give that one a try by myself. Especially for games true randomness is an import aspect. Fake randomness eg. creating random numbers based on deterministic informations enables the possibility to cheat.


Thanks for the update mate, I just like the fact that every time you check on Aptos, they have something new. I love Aptos and they should keep building.