Previewnet and setting new industry milestones!

The latest research report from Aptos Labs shows phenomenal performance data for upcoming Aptos network improvements, based on the team’s rigorous testing cycles on Previewnet.

Key highlights from Aptos Labs CTO Avery Ching are stunning:

30k P2P TPS
2B transactions in a day (see graphic below; >25k average TPS sustained over 24 hours)
10k NFT mints per second in the Aptos mainnet environment with >70 operators

What does this mean?
Next-gen innovations in developer efficiency, performance, and scalability are coming soon in the next release of the Aptos network. Due to incredible joint efforts from Aptos Labs and global validators, the promise of onboarding the next billion Web3 users is an imminent reality for innovators in the Aptos ecosystem. Thank you to the community of builders and developers that continue to push the network forward.

Access the complete report here:


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Aptos is on big things

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