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PontemAI is here: how to try our brand-new crypto chatbot

The first AI crypto chatbot with support for Aptos and EVM has arrived! It’s powered by GPT 3.5 and trained on a custom body of data. PontemAI *can answer questions on Pontem’s products, Aptos, crypto prices and DeFi, while the full release will also have charts, social sharing, and even technical analysis. Read till the end for details on how to get access! :heart_eyes:
PontemAI has a wider set of features than most of the other crypto chatbots currently in the market. For example, Binance Sensei offers only educational information based on the articles in Binance Academy, while AvaGPT focuses on the Avalanche blockchain. By contrast, PontemAI can also provide up-to-date cryptocurrency prices, trading volume, price changes, and other market data.

Our chatbot is able to pull all that data in real time thanks to the integration of the CoinMarketCap API. In the future, it will also support image generation, so that you can ask it to display a price chart for a specific coin on the timeframe that you need – for example, “Show me the 1D APT price chart”. While PontemAI isn’t an AI crypto trading bot, it can still be very useful to traders.
In other words, PontemAI is much more than an AI chatbot created with ChatGPT: it’s a full-scale AI crypto assistant that can perform a wide range of tasks.

Web3 and Web2 login

We’ve made sure that the crypto chatbot works with all popular Aptos wallets (Pontem, Petra, etc.), as well as WalletConnect.

But does it mean that PontemAI is just for Web3 users? Of course not! We plan to add Web2 social login, starting with Google. It’s important to us that complete beginners can use the chatbot and learn about blockchain and DeFi.

What you’ll find in the beta release

Pontem’s cryptocurrency chatbot is now in beta, but it can do a lot:

  • Answer questions about Pontem Wallet, Liquidswap, Lumio L2, Space Pirate NFTs, Move Code Playground, etc.;
  • Explain how to swap, stake APT, bridge, use Hydroponic Farms, buy NFTs, and so forth (though you should still read our tutorials);
  • Provide info on Aptos, Move, and the Aptos ecosystem (projects, tokens, consensus…);
  • Respond to more general questions about blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and so on;
  • Communicate in a natural, human-like way – remember, the chatbot is based on GPT 3.5 by OpenAI with crypto and blockchain content used for the dataset;
  • Search for information using BraveSearch and DuckDuckGo.

Full PontemAI release: social features, idea sharing, and more

We are hard at work on the full public version of PontemAI, aiming for a launch in the second half of 2024. We are adding even more data, but the main innovation will be the community module.

  • The chatbot will be able to scan the crypto media, Twitter, etc. to understand the community sentiment around a token – and even display it as a chart.
  • PontemAI will recognize which projects are trending and what crypto influencers say about them;
  • You’ll be able to share your own ideas in a visual form and access the best ideas published by others (both community and experts). Think a combination of TradingView and Crypto Twitter with AI chatbots helping humans share ideas;
  • Users will even be able to earn rewards and tips from other users for sharing ideas. Monetization for creators will be a prime focus of the app;
  • PontemAI should become available as part of the Pontem Wallet mobile app in addition to the browser version.

We’ll also expand the educational module:

  • The crypto chatbot will be able to perform basic technical analysis for tokens, using indicators like MACD and EMA;
  • Fundamental analysis will be available, too: the bot will prepare a summary of a project’s technology, team background, utility, product readiness, etc. This will save you tons of time when researching.

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