Latest News on Aptos (11.21.2023)

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:handshake: Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud are teaming up to bolster Web3 talent and accessibility in the APAC region with plans to establish Asia’s first Move developer community.

Dive into the blog for even more insights: Aptos Foundation and Alibaba Cloud: Accelerating Web3 Development in APAC

:sushi: Aptos is on a roll! Sushi Swap is now live on Aptos.

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:video_game: To the 15 million on READYgg—welcome to Aptos! With over 2000 games in Ready Games ecosystem, our partnership is going to take the Web3 party to the next level.

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:open_book: Discover the exciting developments coming to Move at Aptos!

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:mega: Introducing Identity Connect: Effortlessly connect Web3 wallets to apps on all devices. Seamless, secure, and cross-platform, Web3 access is now a breeze for developers and users alike!

Discover how to implement Identity Connect:

:earth_asia: Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Beijing… the Aptos APAC ecosystem has been growing nonstop!

Let’s recap the latest Aptos partnerships to head east:


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