Join the Aptos Builders' Discussion

For builders, by builders :muscle:

Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to gain advice and exclusive insights from some of the top builders in the Aptos ecosystem. Whether you’re deeply immersed in a project or just starting to explore the possibilities, this is your chance to connect with experts and enhance your development journey.

If you find yourself:
:small_blue_diamond: Battling it out in an Aptos hackathon, pushing the limits of innovation
:small_blue_diamond: Brainstorming groundbreaking dApp ideas and looking for feedback
:small_blue_diamond: Exploring Aptos Improvement Proposals (AIPs) and seeking clarity
:small_blue_diamond: Building exciting projects on the Aptos and have questions

Then this event is for you! Set a reminder and join us for the Aptos Labs Dev Office Hours today at 4 PM UTC. Engage with experienced developers, get your questions answered, and discover new strategies to elevate your projects. Let’s come together as a community, share knowledge, and drive forward the future of the Aptos ecosystem. Don’t miss this chance to be part of something great!

:spiral_calendar: Set a reminder:


Thanks! we’ll be there, see you sir!

Aptos is the best!


love to join, is it too late to start ? i want to get involved in something exciting