Introduction and support for Aptos virtual and IRL events

Blockchain Tech/Crypto community eventsa, conferences and meetups among other activities especially by a close group to the ecosystem collective contributors in particular are essential for raising awareness and education to penetrate a number of markets.
Take a look in my region EastAfrica these activities would impact on;

Community Building:Physical and virtual meetups provide a platform for Aptos blockchain enthusiasts to connect face-to-face, fostering a sense of community. This can strengthen relationships among community members and build a more engaged and supportive network.

Networking Opportunities: Virtual and Physical meetups create opportunities for networking with industry professionals, developers, and potential partners. These connections can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and a broader ecosystem for Aptos.

Education and Awareness: Hosting events allows Aptos to educate attendees about its blockchain technology, features, and potential applications. This helps raise awareness and understanding among both existing community members and newbies.

Trust and Credibility: Meeting in person can enhance trust and credibility within the community. It humanizes the project and its team, reinforcing a sense of transparency and accountability.

Market Penetration:Physical events allow Aptos to reach audiences that may not be as active online. This diversification in outreach can help penetrate new markets and demographics.

Global Presence: Organizing meetups in various locations helps Aptos establish a global presence. This is particularly important in the blockchain space, where decentralized communities can be found worldwide.

Brand Visibility:Physical meetups provide an opportunity for Aptos to increase its brand visibility. Merchandise, banners, and presentations at these events can leave a lasting impression on attendees

And other main reasons as well known the list could be endless.
Therefore calling on introduction of these among the activities


Do not forget developers meet ups. We need to find way to host hackthons and tech conversation, including upskillment of young people, specificially unemployed youth.
How can aptos help to close the gap and reduce unemployement rate in African countries? Or we here take and not to give.

The truth is that most to the products found in the aptos ecosystem do not really solve my problems as an African child. What about the collective? who do not have access or have resources?

These are some of the questions we should consider.



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