Galxe quest - number of participants

What happened to the number of participants in task 3 that it has increased so rapidly in recent days even though you can no longer complete tasks?

Currently 261k wallets have already completed this mission :
Previous tasks were done by so many people:
Quest 1 - 115K wallets
Quest 2 - 81K wallets
Quest 3 - over 250k (of which over 150k came when you could no longer complete quests, only receive them)

I would be happy if aptos suddenly became so popular and they attracted new real users with this campaign, but I am afraid that this latest increased traffic is only farms or bots

What do you think about the proposal to introduce something like the Galaxy Passport >20 as the last mission to weed out bots? This worked great for new L2 network campaigns


I agree that something suspicious happened with the number of participants in the last task, and unfortunately I also suspect farms or bots.

If verification via Galaxy Passport was introduced, it would be great/
I remember Linea and their testnet where out of several million testnet participants on Galxe, only 350k were able to verify themselves, and let’s be honest, getting 15 or 20 points if you are active in crypto is not very difficult.

But I say a definite NO to real KYC


Not so sure about that mate, I tried to get the passport for another task before and it actually takes quite some effort. It’ll probably weed out real users also if that happens. At least that’s what I’d assume.


A few posts by E-beggars influencers about participating in Glaxe Quest for potential rewards. That’s what’s happened.


Not a fan of the passport. If you want bot protection/sybil I’m sure the team can come up with better ways.


Its a good idea for sure- maybe they add that at the end of all campaigns.

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Verification is done systematically, that is why it updates it accordingly.

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I have more than 20 gitcoin passport score but I am not a fan

The team could decide on what suits them best.