Envelop's programmable assets in Aptos

Envelop is a programmable asset protocol running on over a dozen blockchains, is pleased to announce its deployment to Aptos.

In the Envelop dApp on Aptos, you can

  • mint the original Digital Asset DA (NFT) with default metadata
  • wrap the original NFT (DA) and create a wrapped NFT (wNFT) based on it (wDA)
  • add collateral in APT tokens when wrapping
  • add collateral in APT tokens or fungible assets (FAs) that are added to the whitelist after the wNFT is wrapped
  • set a timelock for wNFT unwrapping and collateral withdrawal
  • transfer NFT and wNFT
  • unwrap wNFT

Why do we need wNFTs?
By combining collateral settings and time locking we get a new type of financial instrument - collateralized derivatives. Since tokenization occurs through the creation of NFTs, the project belongs to the emerging market of NFT2.0. You can use wNFT as digital gifts, vesting contracts, crypto indexes etc

wNFT as Gifts
Just put any fungible tokens inside a wrapped NFT, lock it till the holiday time, and send it as a gift envelope to anybody as a crypto gift.

wNFT as Cryptoindex
Create your non-custodial index from tokens of a specific sector, such as Aptos DeFi or Aptos Memecoins.
Trade the index on the marketplace or set a timelock according to your income strategy to avoid FOMO.

Guide: Aptos instruction | DAO Envelop. NIFTSY
Aptos wrapper dApp: https://aptos.envelop.is/dashboard
Discover NFT2.0: https://nft2.envelop.is/


Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the update


Looks intriguing! New generation of NFTs programmable according to your desire. I am in)

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That sounds interesting ^^
What are the benefits of using wNFTs over regular NFTs?


Envelop is open to any kind of collaboration

Above I’ve given a few examples of usage. It is important to note here that this is a new approach to creating programmable assets, and the settings of wrapped NFTs are based by user needs. And if they are not in the current version of the protocol, they can be implemented in the next one.

Tell us what problem you would like to solve in web3?


Do you have kinks to any previous use cases executed about the Web-gifts - the most I am interested in for now

Unfortunately I don’t have any Gift-case examples for Aptos Network, but you can check out samples on other chain here

or in this short video

In what ways can wNFTs be utilized, such as for digital gifts, vesting contracts, and crypto indexes?

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thanks - will take a look. Seems it could look nice on Aptos.

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There’s no reason to look for uses for wNFTs because wNFTs is essentially a utility layer over fungible tokens.

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This is massive. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for your feedback. It’s very important for us.

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Good job :heart:

Welcome and keep building

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