Aptos Summit Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Aptos Summit!

Together we witnessed;

5 jam-packed days
15+ countries represented
32 teams
50+ investors from 26 funds
122 individual office hours

= 100’s of hours of demos, alpha, strategy, and dreams funded. Immeasurable Web3 impact, in Aptos hyperdrive.

The first-ever Aptos Summit challenged the ecosystem to keep innovating and push the entire Web3 playing field forward. Aptos performance, full-service support, and culture were in perfect lock-step – to lead the industry with the fastest, most scalable GTM in Web3 and tech as a whole.

The Aptos Foundation is grateful for all the builders, partners, and supporters who brought their incredible spirit and passion to the Summit.

Thank you Let’s make every move count.

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Hi - do you have a list of the 15 specific countries by any chance? Were there any african nations represented?

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