Aptos Quarterly Ecosystem Webinar Announcement Hosted by Aptos & Jacquelyn Melinek

Date: Thursday, 27 June
Time: 16:30 - 17:30 GMT
Platform: Zoom

Registration: [Aptos Quarterly Ecosystem Webinar · Zoom · Luma]

About the Event

Join the free webinar hosted by Token Relations and sponsored by Aptos Foundation. Aptos Labs co-founder Mo Shaikh and Token Relations co-founder Jacquelyn Melinek will lead a fireside chat to discuss the latest updates in the Aptos ecosystem and future plans for the blockchain.

Key Highlights:

  • Deep Insights: Detailed analysis of Aptos network’s latest quarterly updates and news.

  • Engaging Conversations: Breakdown of valuable use cases within the Aptos ecosystem and their future potential.

  • Opportunities Discovery: Highlighting growing projects within the Aptos ecosystem and sectors to watch, with insights on community involvement.

  • Q&A Session: Direct questions to Mo Shaikh.

Additional Information:

  • The webinar will be recorded and available to all registrants after the session.
  • The recording will also be featured on the Talking Tokens podcast.


Someone ask them when we can expect another Aptos drop. jk. I do hope they hold off on another drop for a while though. Market is bad. Would prefer to see next allocation happen when we are back on an upswing overall.