Aptos Labs and TOYMAK3RS join forces to celebrate Deadmau5!


Aptos Labs has teamed up with TOYMAK3RS to introduce a line of collectible plush toys to celebrate the iconic electronic music artist Deadmau5’s 25th anniversary with his “retro5pective” shows. This partnership between Aptos Labs and TOYMAK3RS will be leveraging Jellybean™ technology and the Aptos blockchain to enable each plush toy to come embedded with a unique QR code which will unlock exclusive VIP experiences curated by Deadmau5 himself.

“TOYMAK3RS’ expertise in collectible creation and global marketing is unparalleled. Combine that with the Aptos blockchain’s ability to authenticate, and you have a truly epic pathway to next-generation fan experiences that bring artists closer than ever to fans — and vice versa. By incorporating the Aptos blockchain, known for its transparency, immutability, and enhanced security, we ensure each collectible is as authentic as it is exclusive, setting a new standard in how collectibles are verified and distributed”
Mo Shaikh, Co-Founder & CEO of Aptos Labs

“At TOYMAK3RS, we aren’t just toy designers, but architects for unforgettable fan-driven experiences where collectibles become tickets to exclusive, immersive artist-curated content"
Bart Lipski, CEO of TOYMAK3RS

The available exclusive content from the collectible plush toys will include access to unreleased music and behind the scenes insights. The Aptos blockchain will be leveraged to tackle the challenge of counterfeit collectibles, making sure that participants get authentic items that are verified via the blockchain. Some of these physical collectibles which have verification on blockchains have been termed “phygitals”.

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One of the great classics from Canadian :canada: Icon Deadmau5 !

A little peek at his studio on location at his home in Ontario, Canada :canada:


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