Aptos is super underrated!

What’s your favorite or most striking feature in the aptos ecosystem? if you believe aptos is Underrated please share your opinions, Recently, great projects have actively supported the development of the system. it’s only a matter of time.


Fast tech, low fees. Transactions in seconds. I don’t know what else people want


100% agree with you. What else would someone want?


Of course man


There are several appealing features for me when it comes to Aptos, such as the strong software engineering background of the developers and researchers working on Aptos, among several other aspects. You can learn about the founding engineers here:

The Aptos Ecosystem has been expanding more and more through the months as Aptos has been attracting more developers to explore the capabilities on the Aptos blockchain

There are also several innovations on Aptos, such as the Move language which is designed for superior smart contract security, the Move prover which is a formal verifier for Move smart contracts that provides additional safeguards for contracts (which won an award from the European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS) for best paper in 2022), Block-STM for transaction parallelism which allows faster transactions, and others which are expanded on in the following article:

The Aptos regional communities have grown from its testnet days to mainnet and beyond in all corners of the world, from Aptos CIS to Aptos Türkiye, to Aptos India, Aptos China and beyond. This global community will only expand as the Aptos team pursues the Aptos mission of bringing the next billion users to Web3.

Partnerships such as the one with Microsoft for the development of A.I tools like Aptos Assistant have been great to see unfold and grow:


So in short, its the world class engineering and research team, the growing and talented ecosystem projects and teams, the innovative technology behind the blockchain, the regional communities and the several impressive partnerships which are all among some of the most striking features of the Aptos Network for me.


u are on point here


Fast transactions, cheap gas. Should pull a Solana soon


You’re absolutely right


It’s only a matter of time now before it blows up


i have great expectations for this project! :grin:


This was being talked about for quite some time, i can see it :new_moon_with_face: soon.


APTOS’s own programming language is, on the one hand, a huge plus that increases the level of security of the blockchain, etc. but from the user’s point of view, the lack of compatibility with EVM creates for me personally the feeling that you are on an island… Isn’t it so for you? If not for this circumstance, APTOS would have blown up the crypto community

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While I can understand what you are saying, I think developer growth is something that will only continue to rise. Check out the recent Electric Capital Developer Report which shows increasing adoption of Move and Aptos by developers over time. I also made a topic post about this in the Development section of the forum.

In terms of cross-chain compatibility, the upcoming Lumio L-2 optimistic rollup by Pontem will support both the Ethereum Virtual Machine as well as the Move Virtual Machine, which is what Aptos uses, allowing Aptos to process transactions that settle on Ethereum. As per the development documentation, developers can deploy their EVM or Move VM codebases in a few lines of code with some more effort needed to enable cross-VM calls. For data availability purposes it could integrate with platforms like Aptos. Read this great article from Pontem to find out more.

Movement Labs also announced in Nov 2023 that they were going to be building a Move Virtual Machine L2 for Ethereum called M2 utilizing Celestia for data availability. The goal is to bring greater adoption to Move as a programming language.

Even though Move is a newer programming language compared to others, solutions are being developed that will make it more interoperable and utilized so it’s not on an island per say, as you stated.


Thanks for the information provided. There is something to think about and analyze


Indeed, it is…


I agreed with you mate

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Yes of course it will do very well


I couldnt agree more
wen $1k


I completely agree,


wow this is great to see a growing dev community on aptos, move seems much lower barrier to entry which is great for adoption