Aptos Foundation Sponsors Encode Club Move Bootcamp Starting July 29 🌐

The Aptos Foundation is excited to sponsor the Encode Club Move Bootcamp, starting on 29th July! :spiral_calendar: This free, six-week coding bootcamp will teach participants how to build with Move, the programming language for the Aptos blockchain.

Key Highlights:

  1. Sponsorship: Aptos Foundation is sponsoring this event to support innovation and skill development in the blockchain community.

  2. Bootcamp Overview: The program includes:

  • An introduction to Move.
  • Hands-on coding sessions.
  • Best practices for blockchain development.
  • Real-world use cases on the Aptos blockchain. *
  1. Community Engagement: Participants will have opportunities to network with industry experts and peers.

  2. Application: Interested individuals can apply via the Encode Club website at Apply for the Encode's Aptos Move Bootcamp! β€” Encode Club . Spaces are limited.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your blockchain skills and contribute to the Aptos ecosystem. Apply now!:point_down:


Thanks for this great information this is a great opportunity for aptosians to build up their skills


anything online ? :smiley:

love to get a project going here



Thanks for your kind information about aptos ecosystem…