Aptos Ecosystem Expands with Over 170 Projects

The Aptos ecosystem continues to expand, now home to over 170 projects across key sectors such as Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), GameFi, SocialFi, and more. This vibrant community is rapidly growing, driving innovation and adoption in the blockchain space.

A recent highlight from Coin98 Analytics showcases the impressive NFT collections within the Aptos universe, further emphasizing the platform’s diverse and dynamic ecosystem. The detailed analysis and insights into these collections can be explored further on their Twitter page.

Key Highlights:

  • 170+ Projects: Aptos ecosystem encompasses a wide range of projects, enhancing the blockchain’s utility and reach.

  • Diverse Sectors: Projects span critical areas including DEX, GameFi, and SocialFi, showcasing the platform’s versatility.

  • NFT Collections: Aptos hosts a range of unique and impressive NFT collections, adding to its robust digital asset portfolio.

Source, check out Coin98 Analytics’ full coverage here.


Wow, 170+ is a a huge milestone for APTOS. Considering all this growth happened in front of my eyes, it makes me very proud and even more bullish on Aptos and it’s community.
Congratulations :tada: once again and more beautiful things to come for Aptos.


Thanks for this great information bro, APTOS is best blockchain, always improving the service for the community like fast transactions and lower transactions fee


This news confirms my belief that Aptos will be a strong competitor to Ethereum. I certainly plan to buy more tokens in the near future.

Well done Aptos development team!!