About aminas finance on aptos

As a Pioneering Liquidity Staking on Aptos, Amnis Finance introduces a secure, user-friendly and innovative liquid staking protocol that empowers APTOS ecosystem users and APTOS investors (institutional & individual) to effortlessly maximize returns on their APT tokens while unlocking their liquidity.

Benefits for users: Amnis removes barriers that restrict individual users from participating in Staking activities (these barriers may include: minimum amount for staking, technical setup, lockup period) Amnis enhance flexibilities in managing assets: Users now have the opportunity to stake their assets and earn staking rewards. At the same time they can utilize LST derivative assets to actively engage in Defi activities.

Audited by MoveBit & Verichain


Amnis finance is a platform dedicated to growth on APTOS. We need more projects like them, building, innovating and focused on the collective growth of the ecosystem.


And of course, I think it’s biggest dapp on Aptos ecosystem… considering different protocols and mode of operations, it’s great privilege to path along the project…

It’s indeed amazing.


This is amazing and I enjoyed reading through.
Thanks fam.
I’ve been interacting with Amnis finance for a while now. Just very glad it’s been talked about