Will Aptos integrate AI into its blockchain?

I guess I just need to wait and see how Aptos will deploy AI on it’s blockchain in the years to come.

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Do you have any examples of other projects doing this? It seems something quite difficult to implement at a blockchain level

Let wait and see

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of course one day, and its sooner than you think

aptos is best network for ai rwa

I am not saying that any of my proposals are feasible right now. I am just expressing a wish for anyone who may want to take on the challenge to make my wish come true. I believe that AI will eventually be integrated into blockchain technology and when that time comes I am hoping that blockchain security will be enhanced to stamp out much of the fraud that is occurring right now.

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It’s inevitable at this point if you ask me.

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I agree! It is just a matter of when will it start to happen. Which blockchain will be the first to say that they are integrating AI into their blockchain to make it more secure and to actively block wallets that phishing scams use to collect their ill gotten gains.


:joy: :joy: lets seee bro. i bet it will be good !!

Aptos assistant is an AI Tool from microsoft X aptos partnership, I find i incredible intuitive and helpful. Give it a try :+1: