#Aptosunites Video Twitter Contest

#Aptosunites We are one! @Aptos_Network Let’s show that scale to the project! Rules :point_down::point_down::point_down: If you want to participate in the #challenge, then: 1. share your 15 sec video on Twitter 2. Write your city and nickname on discord 3. Put the hashtag #Aptosunites and mention @Aptos_Network

This contest is a flash mob, which should start a chain reaction and show people around the world that aptos can be different, regardless of where you live, regardless of nationality. Aptos is Layer 1 for everyone!

The value of the contest is that people who didn’t know about Aptos before can learn about it, get interested, get involved and start bringing value to the project. It will also unite the community within the project and give people a sense of unity and involvement in Aptos.

Challenge should never stop! It may be in the active phase when everyone starts to pick up, but it’s okay if people support the contest less actively after a few months. It’s all natural processes. But the goal is to make the contest as long as possible and to highlight the participants who have been most creative and tried their best on their videos!

Prepared by the Ambassadors School team, who love Aptos and want to promote it as much as possible and make it a bridge to mass adoption!

The video must be posted on Twitter. It must be vertical. The recommended duration is no more than 15 seconds. The music can be to your taste. The video should start with the Aptos logo and end with the Aptos logo. Prerequisite: add hashtag #aptosunites and mention @Aptos_Network. You are not limited in your choice of props, it can be anything! You don’t have to order anything, make the Aptos yourself! Aptos is not just technology, first of all it’s PEOPLE and their CREATIVE!

We’ll make a compilation of the most awesome videos you’ve posted! Note that we’ll be searching for them using the hashtag #aptosunities


Great idea! We’re excited to participate in this challenge and promise to share our videos. We’ll do our best to make this challenge a success and to show our support for the Aptos project.
Let’s get started with Aptos :heart:


Succinctly explained :writing_hand:


Good info. Thanks for sharing


I didn’t enter but good luck to those who did


Thanks for information


Good luck to those who did…

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Awesome! Let’s share all videos in this thread :slight_smile:

All can be found in Twitter (X) by hashtag #aptosunites